A few comments from my clients:
“Paul, I could never have done without your professionalism, creativity and sense of humor. Your design work provided me with a more perfect sense of scope and nostalgia than I could ever have hoped for.” 
David Mickey Evans, director of The Sandlot, First Kid etc

“Paul, thank you so much for your tremendous input. the sensitivity and imagination you bring to my soundtracks is exactly what I need.”
Peter Chelsom, Director The Mighty, Serendipity, Shall We Dance

“Paul, I had no doubt that your contribution to the picture would be exceptional. But what impressed me even more was your understated yet unrelenting tenacity and drive to continually improve and embellish every step of the way. It paid off.” 
Dominic Sena, Director Kalifornia

“The diligence and imagination used to create the film’s sound track was impressive. Once again,  you’ve created a wonderful world of sound. A superb job!
Wes Craven, Director  Scream, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare etc

“Paul, thank you for your great contribution under an impossible schedule. Your efforts and input helped get us a great soundtrack.”
Robert Iscove, Director She’s All  That

“Paul, you made the experience a listening pleasure. Thank you for your ear, your grace, your patience, your inventiveness and the finished film.”
Henry Winkler, Director Cop and a Half

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